Who is your Roofing Contractor?

Switching from tiles to Colorbond (or tiles to tin) is a big project but we love completing them. We derive a sense of pride and accomplishment converting an old tired roof to Colorbond. The reasons why people ask us to undertake a tile to Colorbond conversion are one of two reasons; they’re sick of worrying every time it rains due in part to ongoing maintenance issues, or they simply don’t like the appearance of a tiled roof. Other factors include the heat that is generated from the tiles and the lack of insulation. Whatever the reason, we would welcome the challenge and would love to make the process seamless and hassle free for you. We’re a very friendly bunch of humans and we’re all friends. We take pride in our work and generally leave your place cleaner than when we arrived. We will go that extra mile and nothing is a problem.

What makes us different at MRR

The process of converting a tile roof to Colorbond varies depending on the contractor you choose. A significant proportion of our work is in the preparation and framing of the house; it’s easy to lay new roof sheets but there’s much more involved fixing a roof that has had tones of tiles on it for decades. Notice any ‘wavyness’ in the roof surface? This is due to the weight of the tiles coupled with the natural movement of the house over the years. As part of the process we install a new metal batten frame. Prior to installing this we run a string line and pack out the rafters with structural timbers. If you consider the weight of tiles keeping the roof down, then we practically install a giant Colorbond kite, we need to ensure the roof is adequately tied down. We install 1mm hoop iron secured with 40mm tech screws over each rafter/truss at the external wall top stud plate and again at each ridge/hip rafter. This process of making the roof surface true and structurally tied down you would think is common sense but I don’t see every contractor doing it. We do everything we say and it’s all contained within our quotes.

It’s all in the small details, combined it makes a big difference

Once the framing is complete we can begin installing your new Colorbond roof. All our Colorbond Rainwater products come from either Lysaght or Apex, the two largest Colorbond suppliers in Melbourne. The reason why we use either supplier is economies of scale. Being such large manufactures means they can afford the finest rollers and benders resulting in a quality product. Whether its roof decking, corrugated roof sheets, guttering or fascia Apex and Lysaght have the best Colorbond products available. Underneath your Colorbond roof we do insist, as a minimum, we install a 60mm insulation blanket – Where converting from tiles to tin, these insulation blankets keep more cool air in during summer and more warm air during the cooler months saving the homeowner considerable energy costs over the long term.

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MRR is team of Roofing Professionals, we’re also close friends who have been working together for many years. We all know our role in the machine and we work together seamlessly. Our mission is to deliver outstanding results for our clients, ensure we all get home safely at the end of each day and have some fun along the way. As we are only a small team, you will get to know each of us personally

why choose us

An outstanding tile to colorbond conversion done by the team for us in the Bentleigh area. Honest and quality professionals, I would recommend highly.

Adam and his crew replaced over 500m2 of a challenging curved roofline with care and precision. Trustworthy, honest and intelligent, Adam made the process run smoothly

Adam and team did an amazing job on our roof in April. we had our tiled roof removed and colour bond re-fit, attention to detail was excellent from start to finish. Adam clearly explained how the job would be undertaken and returned 2 weeks after completion to ensure we were happy. We would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Adam and his team did a wonderful job converting this tired old leaky tile roof to and beautiful (and well insulated) colourbond roof, complete with larger gutters, colour matched leaf guard and down pipes. Bloody marvellous!

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